My great interest in civil engineering has to trace back to my childhood. For my father’s profession, I knew my friend--blueprint--since I was 7 years old. Every time he brought me to the construction site, I stuck at his office and rummaged in his construction documents. Evoking my sense of curiosity, I became addicted to these unknown things and began to accumulate in Civil Engineering since then. Whenever I witness a new building constructed, I tend to make a report in my heart-evaluating the impact of the construction throughly-and discuss with my father to get some professional interpretation. This process which I repeat again and again during years not only contributes in building the fundamental knowledge of civil engineering for me, but also concretes my belief, being a civil engineering in the future.


Leadership is becoming more crucial than ever since it’s irreplaceability within the society. For me, leadership is a kind of capacity. During my presidency as class monitor, I learnt how to put people in the right position to play out their greatest potentials, I learnt how to unit everyone together and turned the team into a rope... I not only bore the expectation from all my classmates, but also assumed the responsibility for the whole team, this is probably so-called "wearing a crown, will support its weight.”


a 17-year-old boy from the International Department of Beijing No.35 High School.

“Allen is open-minded about receiving feedback about himself. His attitude suggests a growth mindset, which is crucial in any student who wants to continue to develop and grow both intellectually and personally. I have no doubt he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do.”

“He is a wonderful person,kindest boy I have ever met. Whenever i am struggled with my advance mathematics and physics, it’s him who saved me from my trough.He is able to give detailed explaination clearly and passionately and willing to devote his time to those who in need.”

My skills


Dancing, my life-long interests, influences me in extensive aspects. The principle impact is the amelioration of my overall physical quality. With the persistent practice of high-intensity street dance action and position like freeze and footwork, I am much more well-built. On top of the external effects, street dance also contributes in my confidence building and characteristics formation in immplicit way.It taught me to combine the fundamental spirits of street dance- peace, love, have fun, and union- and traditional Chinese culture. I reinterpret the meanings of these four characters by the comprehending of Chinese culture which educated me since I was born: step outward and explore inward.


I have worked in the Aeronautical Laboratory of Beijing No.35 High School for years and published a technology paper with my teammate. We conducted research together and the description of my project- The New Design of Portable Four-rotor UAV is explained by following statements. The Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a special unmanned helicopter with three or more rotor shafts, which rotates through the motor on each axis and drives the rotor so that generating a thrust. The four-rotor UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a common multi-rotor UAV recently. But most of the four rotorcraft has some shortcomings, such as complex structure, large volume, and difficult to carry. So this project can make a changing of further improvement and innovation of this. To design a way to achieve a folding way to make the UAV easy to carry the aircraft and to achieve a simple structure to achieve the function of UAV so that the four rotorcraft to become the majority of consumers in the usual travel when the choice of shooting tools.


This is Shaoxiong Jiang, a student from Beijing NO.35 High School. Open-minded as him, never stops discovering the unknown. Not only demonstrates outstanding academic talent, but also develops himself both intellectually and personally unceasingly. He loves Mathematics and Physics, which, in turns,lays a strong foundation for his life-long pursuit—Civil Engineering. He has already been an excellent inventor who is working on patent application.


My Education

Beijing No.35 High School International Department 09.2016 – 05.2019

(Grade 10 – 12)

Keystone High School, USA 09.2016 – 05.2019

(Grade 10 – 12)

Beijing No.2 Middle School of Yizhuang School 09.2013 – 06.2016

(Grade 7 – 9) Graduated in June, 2016

Beijing Haidian Experimental Primary School 09.2007 – 06.2013

(Grade 1 – 6)Graduate in June, 2013


MY Experience

Research in the Aeronautical Laboratory of Beijing No.35 High School 10/2016-

◇ Attended Lecture about technology and was given by some famous professor.

◇ Group-study the quad rotor portability.

◇ Download correlative papers from CNKI(China National Knowledge Infrastructure).

◇ Design the model by Auto-desk 123D Design.

Research on Contrasting the Daily Life between Beijing Ordinary High School Students And Los Angeles High School Students - Team leader 01,2017

◇ Plan the research by ourselves.

◇ Design a questionnaire

◇ Collect data and make a conclusion.

◇ Finish a report.

Research on The Influence of Tourism on Yangshuo Culture - Researcher 05,2017

◇ Plan the research by ourselves.

◇ Have a field trip.

◇ Make an on-the-spot investigation.

◇ Collect data and make a conclusion.

◇ Finish a report.


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